One Direction Releases Alternative “Kiss You” Video



One Direction Reveals Title Of Their New Book

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About a week after revealing the official title of ‘1D3D,’ the boys are now unveiling the title of their new tell-all book — it’s reflective, to the point, and definitely promising. And the title is…

The boys of One Direction have been in a revealing mood over the past week or so. Fresh off of announcing their movie’s title, This Is Us, they took to Twitter to tease their fans and subsequently unveil the title of their new book.

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Fifth Harmony Sings One Direction’s ‘Kiss You’ & More


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From one pop group to another — 5H was stopped on the 2013 Kids’ Choice Awards orange carpet and asked to sing 1D songs like ‘Kiss You’ and ‘Nobody Compares,’ and they totally nailed them! Keep reading to watch the girls put their spin on your favorite One Direction tunes!

Fifth Harmony is on their way to being the female equivalent of One Direction, so it only makes sense that the girls are able to bust out renditions of “Kiss You,” “Irresistible” and more on command.

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It Ends Tonight.

Tonight, I will end my constant worrying and let things play out the way they need.

Tonight, I will end my consistent over-thinking of conversations, events, and people’s feelings. 

Tonight, I will end the unimaginably large amounts of stress I have placed upon myself.

Tonight, I am going to let go of my regrets.

Tonight, I am going to stop putting my-self down.

Tonight, I am going to gain self-esteem.

Tonight, I am going to take time for myself.

Tonight, I am taking an oath to live for who I love and what I love.

I have been riding on this emotional roller-coaster for long enough. It Ends Tonight.